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Biogas: an all-rounder

Biogas is an all-rounder among renewable energies. It can be converted to electricity and heat or be used as a fuel and natural gas equivalent. Germany is the undisputed market leader in this versatile and forwardlooking industry. Biogas plants made in Germany are in global demand and are preferred because of their superior technology. They improve the independence and economic strength of municipalities and regions.

„Biogas: an all-rounder“ contains important facts and figures concerning biogas production and useand presents over 40 companies, from full-line system suppliers to specialised equipment manufacturers and competent engineering firms.

For general enquiries about the topic "biogas" please contact the German Biogas Association (Fachverband Biogas e.V.). If you have questions about the industry guide "Biogas: an all-rounder" please contact us.