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SUMA Rührtechnik GmbH
Martinszeller Straße 21
87477 Sulzberg
Phone: +49 (0)8376 921 31-0
Fax: +49 (0)8376 921 31-19
Year founded: 1957
Sales volume: € 12 million
Employees: 68

DIN/ISO 9001 certification

Optimix 3G
Giantmix FR

SUMA Rührtechnik GmbH

International and independent to guarantee your success – agitators for homogeneous biogas substrates

SUMA Rührtechnik has specialised in agitators for liquid manure and biogas substrates since 1957.

All of our expertise and decades of experience go into ensuring the quality and efficiency of our agitator systems to ensure homogeneous substrates without floating layers and sedimentation.

We provide user-friendly, advanced agitator technology and individual solutions. The excellent quality, high performance and long service life of our agitators, as well as helpful service, are the principles on which we work.

The Giantmix FR and AMT models are adjustable rod mixers specifically designed for biogas plants. They are fed through the side of the container wall so that only the agitator blade and bearing tube are inside the fermenter, and the geared motor remains easily accessible outside the pit.

The submersible motor agitator in the OPTIMIX range is another of our key products. It is available in different power classes and can be manufactured from stainless or cast steel. In addition, it complies with ATEX directives and can be optionally supplied with mounting accessories.