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Josef Mehrer GmbH & Co KG
Rosenfelder Straße 35
72336 Balingen
Phone: +49 (0)7433 26 05-0
Fax: +49 (0)7433 26 05-41
Year founded: 1989
Employees: 110
Application environment
TRB 700 - booster compressor for biomethane injection

Josef Mehrer GmbH & Co KG

Biogas processing and biogas grid injection

TVB 900 - booster compressor for biomethane compression

Josef Mehrer GmbH & Co KG is synonymous with quality and reliability. The company ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of oil-free piston compressors for process gas applications with an output range of 2.5 to 200 kW and pressures of up to 80 bar (absolute pressure). They are primarily used in the media-independent deposition, grid injection, extraction, purification, storage and drying of gas.

In addition to its activities in various sectors and areas of application, Mehrer also produces environmentally-friendly compressor solutions. In this field, Mehrer units make an important contribution to the permanent treatment of potable water. The company devotes particular attention to designing solution-oriented biogas compressors, which are chiefly characterised by their ease of installation and reliable operation in container stations.

Whether biogas processing or biomethane injection – Mehrer’s oil-free piston compressors always guarantee reliable, efficient, fail-safe plant operation.

Headquartered in Balingen, southern Germany, and a family-run enterprise since its foundation in 1889, Mehrer is one of the world’s oldest compressor manufacturers, and one that is most steeped in tradition. Production, design and development take place exclusively at the company’s headquarters, thus ensuring that the high production quality of the plants is sustained. Mehrer has been renowned since the 1970s, particularly for the design and manufacture of dry cylinder piston compressors and compressor units. In addition to our plant commissioning and maintenance services, designing compressors and compressing plants to meet bespoke, process-specific requirements in numerous markets has enabled us to gain cutting-edge expertise, which in turn has made us a solution-oriented partner for companies across the world.

Mehrer will continue to promote resource-saving, media-independent gas compression, and in future will also provide outstanding tailored servicing solutions and manageable, secure operation costs.