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UTS Biogastechnik GmbH
Zeppelinstraße 8
85399 Hallbergmoos
Phone: +49 (0)811 99884-0
Fax: +49 (0)811 99884-450
Year founded: 1992 as U.T.S. Umwelt-Technik-Süd GmbH, since 2007 UTS Biogastechnik GmbH
Employees: > 100
UTS Separator
UTS Hydraulic Mixer
Biogas Plant Glenfarg, UK (800 kW from food waste)
Patented UTS Service-Box

UTS Biogastechnik GmbH

Reliable biogas technology. This statement reflects over 20 years of experience and equipment supplied to more than 1,600 biogas plants.

Biogas plant Röblingen, Germany (700 Nm3/h biomethane-to-grid)

Founded on innovative products and concepts, UTS has become one of the leaders in the biogas sector over the last 20 years. UTS’s high quality and highly reliable solutions are guaranteed by numerous internationally patented products and processes.

In 1992, UTS started delivering robust equipment for liquid manure treatment (pumps and mixers) in close cooperation with farmers. During the years thereafter, UTS designed and supplied standardised compact biogas plants in a range of different installed electrical capacities. In addition, UTS has constantly strengthened its competence in the conversion of organic waste into energy using substrates such as dry poultry feces, slurry, food waste, slaughterhouse waste and sugar beet pulp.

To operate a biogas plant efficiently and treat the associated substrates flows (e.g. viscous sludges with high organic load) effectively, UTS has developed a specific product series “made in Germany”. Rugged submersible pumps and hydraulic/electric mixers have formed part of the UTS supply range for some time.

Serviceability, safety and environmental protection are perfectly combined in UTS´s patented Service-Box for mixer maintenance while the UTS Separator demonstrates superior performance in liquid/solid separation.

Whether you want to establish a new biogas plant or expand, adapt or refurbish an existing plant, whether the plant is small or large (several MWs), whether farm-based, industrial or municipal: the knowledge and experience of UTS Biogastechnik GmbH will ensure that you benefit from high-level services and products.

From a detailed feasibility study and concept design to commissioning your biogas plant, UTS applies mature and reliable solutions that are state-of-the-art. UTS’s experts also assist you as technical and biological consultants for the operation of your biogas plant around the clock.