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MT-Energie GmbH
Ludwig-Elsbett-Straße 1
27404 Zeven
Phone: +49 (0)4281 98 45-0
Fax: +49 (0)4281 98 45-100
Year founded: 1995
Sales volume: € 198.8 million (2011)
Employees: 700
Biological process monitoring
Innovative gas upgrading and injection technology

MT-Energie GmbH

Efficiency through variety: MT-Energie is one of the leading German companies in the biogas industry with branches in several European countries

A typical MT-Energie biogas digester system

In the mid-1990s, when the success story of renewable primary products was only starting to take shape, Christoph Martens was already working intensively on cost-efficient biogas plants. On his parents’ farm, the young engineer developed innovative solutions for using biogas.

His enthusiasm culminated in the formation of MT-Energie, one of the leading suppliers of biogas technology. Today, the company has 700 employees and is performing with an untamed pioneering spirit, and is therefore still a trendsetter in the industry. By now, MT-Energie has completed some 500 turnkey biogas projects.

This biogas specialist from northern Germany entered the international market in 2006. The company set up branches in several southern and eastern European countries. Approximately 50 biogas plants have already started production there.

The performance portfolio comprises the development, planning and construction of biogas plants and special components, as well as intensive technical and biological monitoring. Numerous components which are standard in any biogas plant today were developed and improved to common industry standards by MT-Energie. One example is air-inflated membrane covering. This is not only used for MT-Energie projects but is also sold to other producers of biogas plants – as many as 2,000 to date.

The primary target in the development of biogas plants and components is to create a simple, efficient and safe process. This ensures that MT biogas plants perform at great cost-efficiency and maintain the outstanding reputation they have gained in the market.

Through our subsidiary MT-BioMethan GmbH we additionally offer innovative gas upgrading and injection technology. This technology separates biogas into CO2 and methane. The resulting, highly pure biomethane has natural gas quality and is injected into the public natural gas grid.