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Year founded: 1923
A large touche screen displays the stored and current measurements.
The Multitec® 540 for monitoring shafts

Hermann Sewerin GmbH

Leak detection technology

The Multitec® BioControl is one system for stationary and mobile measurements.

Since filing a patent application for the first gas leak indicator in 1926, Hermann Sewerin GmbH has become one of the leading technology providers in the gas and water leak detection market. Its success is not only due to this experience in developing measuring devices, which has spanned more than 80 years, but also to the knowledge acquired through use of the devices by its own surveying teams.


Specially developed for use in biogas plants, the Multitec® BioControl - one system for stationary and mobile measurements

All plant operators producing electricity from biogas, sewer gas or landfill gas aim to optimise processes and thus ensure greater efficiency – in other words, obtain as much methane as possible. At the same time, however, harmful components in the gas need to be kept to a minimum.

Only constant monitoring of the gas composition in a plant can indicate changes before it is too late and thereby prevent prolonged outages. If the power generation is subsidised, the plant operator must regularly document the gas composition and volume.

The Multitec® BioControl can reliably and sustainably handle these tasks. The intelligent compensation of pressure, temperature, moisture and gas composition means that the components can be analysed with precision. The Multitec® BioControl can also determine the temperature and flow rate.

The Multitec® BioControl is a combined measuring device consisting of the Multitec® BioControl fixed installation and a mobile gas measuring device – the Multitec® 540.

Depending on the version of Multitec® BioControl, the gas composition and volume can be automatically measured and monitored at up to eight measurement locations. The Multitec® 540 measures the values at the individual measurement locations sequentially. The values are transferred to the Multitec® BioControl via an interface. Individual measuring locations can also be set up for mobile measurement if preferred.